Ultimate Spider-Man #1 (Marvel's Greatest Comics)

Comics' greatest heroes leap into the 21st Century in a new line perfect for a new generation of readers! An outsider even amongst his own peers, highschool student Peter Parker is a young man at the crossroads of destiny. Orphaned as a youth and raised by his Uncle Ben and Aunt May, Peter finds himself the target of a constant tirade of pranks perpetrated by school jock 'Flash' Thompson and his burly bud, nicknamed 'Kong.' But when fate intercedes and Peter finds himself the recipient of strange and amazing powers, how long can our hero ignore the painful prodding? And when industrialist Norman Osborn takes a deadly 'interest' in this development, will Peter be able to avoid a violent case of 'corporate downsizing'? When backed into a corner, will our hero learn that with great power there must come great responsibility?