Gryffen #1 (Dayglo Cover)

Rufus Dayglo is an illustrator working mainly in comics, illustration, concept design, and storyboards best known for his work on the relaunch of Tank Girl with Alan Martin. He has worked extensively with 2000 AD along with Image Comics, IDW, DC Vertigo, Z2 Comics, and more.

In the distant future, mankind has taken to the stars and spread across the galaxy. They've encountered hundreds of worlds, met dozens of species...and crushed them all in the iron fist of humanity! Humans now reign over the Milky Way as a fascist empire known as the Sovereign Reach, and their most feared soldier is the merciless Captain Lyla Gryffen. Six months ago, they disappeared. One week ago...they returned. Changed. Radicalized to bring down the empire they once served. Now, Captain Gryffen has a new mission - to recruit a crew of rogue officers and mad scientists, and set fire to the galaxy, no matter how many get burnt along the way.

Cover Illustrator
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