Eerie Comics #1

It was January 1947 that the first real, indisputable horror comic came along - EERIE COMICS #1, published by Avon. It had a striking cover that was, well... eerie, depicting a strange-looking man with a knife on the steps of some sort of ruin, approaching a bound woman - a theme that was to be repeated countless times in the future...

Whet your appetite on these horrors inside including 'The Eyes of the Tiger' by Bob Fujitani featuring a pet tiger who gets his first taste for blood - no surprises there then?

'Dead Man's Tale' by Jon Small gives us the story of a bottle that gave Myron Morgan wealth and how he died when it was destroyed.

'The Man-Eating Lizards' by Joe Kubert, when a plane goes down in the ocean, the surviving crew members find themselves on an island of giant, man-eating lizards.

'The Strange Case of Henpecked Harry' by Fred Kida, tells how Harry Horton plots the death of his wife, only to be driven mad by the guilt. It's hard to point to a particular source or inspiration, such as radio or the pulps, for any of these stories as they were not adaptations and didn't come from any existing series - yet here they are, together as probably the world's first true horror comic!

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