Batvark: A Poet in the Family

Introducing Cousin Batvark Girl! Hubba Hubba! (or whatever the Politically-Correct term for Hubba-Hubba is these days) and her new husband, Batvirgil! Ever wonder what the Batvarks who play Batvark in the CIH? comics are like in real life and behind the scenes? Batvark: A Poet in the Family answers your questions as we take you to Mama Batvark's place in Infernal Gilead for the High Holidays and the evening of Yom Kippur. Meet the Batvark Cousins: Jethro Batvark, Abner Batvark, Elvis Batvark, Jerry Lee Batvark and Jed "Too Tall" Batvark. After reading the issue, vote on what you want to have happen to Batvirgil's bottom half! You'll swear it's 1988 all over again!

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