Diablo House: Spring Scares (Friend Cover)

Diablo House is back and open for business. Are you ready to make your dreams come true... for a price? This all-new one-shot includes: "Room 1616" a comic book story by Grady Hendrix and Richard Friend. Grady, whose work includes the novels My Best Friend's Exorcism and We Sold our Souls and the non-fiction book Paperbacks From Hell, is making his comic book debut with this Diablo House story. He's joined on art by Eisner Award nominee, Richard Friend, best known as the inker of hundreds of comic books including runs on WildC.A.T.s, Batman: Arkham Knight, and Detective Comics. Richard is making his penciling debut with this story. "Foundation" a prose short story by author Shaun Harris, whose work includes the novel The Hemingway Thief and the comic book series Las Vegas Repo. "Spring Scares" a comic book story by Diablo House creators Ted Adams and Santiperez.

Cover Illustrator