Mercy Sparx Vol. 4: Killing the Gatekeepers
Things From Another World

Mercy Sparx Vol. 4: Killing the Gatekeepers

Devil's Due, October 18, 2017

When Mercy learns that her mother, Faustia, was involved in her abduction from Sheol, suddenly dealing with angels doesn't seem so bad. That's because Mercy doesn't fear anyone the way she does her own mother. If Mercy is to have any hope of stopping her megalomaniacal, bipolar matriarch, she'll have to drudge up some seriously painful memories to pull it off. If she fails, Faustia just may cut off humanity from Heaven (and Hell) forever. Collects the final three issues of the Mercy Sparx the ongoing series, and the entire Year One miniseries.

Josh Blaylock
Matt Merhoff
Elisa Feliz
Cover Illustrator
Paulina Ganucheau
Trade Paperback or Graphic Novel
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