Lady Death: Chaos Rules #1 (J. Scott Campbell Premium Cover)

Intended for mature audiences

Superstar artist J. Scott Campbell lends his considerable talents to the launch of Brian Pulido's Coffin Comics & Lady Death. This premium edition, limited to quantities ordered, features intricate, cutting edge gold foil enhancements. Featuring the alluring and cruel diva of death as only creator, Brian Pulido can deliver. Chock full of sex, violence, and very, very bad behavior. Experience Lady Death fully realized! Long live Lady Death! Notes: Creator Brian Pulido reunites with his premiere creation! Lady Death: Chaos Rules #1 captures the rockin' independent spirit of her original Chaos! Comics (1994-2002) run but brings her story to the present. She's bolder, darker, sexier Hope, with more brains and brawn.

Cover Illustrator