Crossed Vol. 12

Intended for mature audiences

Garth Ennis' world of Crossed has become the pinnacle of survival horror in fiction.

David Lapham (Stray Bullets) returns to Crossed with a crime story told both before and after the Crossed outbreak!

A father is pushed to the brink when his family is brutally tortured and killed.

With only revenge to keep him going, he becomes a monster himself with only one purpose, to find the man that did this and make him suffer more than anyone has before.

But then C-Day happened and the world changed. Now a mystery to solve becomes one man's singular obsession to cross a sea of maniacs and destroy a monster no matter the cost.

There is no help and there is no hope. There is only the Crossed.

This volume collects issues #62 - 70 of the ongoing Crossed: Badlands series.

Cover Illustrator
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