Tao: The Little Samurai #1: Pranks & Attacks!

Tao, the Little Samurai - Tao is a master at pulling off jokes and pranks, but he's also determined to become a master of martial arts someday! In volume 1, Pranks and Attacks!, Tao is studying martial arts at the famous Master Snow's school.  But no matter how hard he concentrates on his lessons, mischief gets in the way! In volume 2, Ninjas and Knock Outs!, Tao's wandering mind always gets him into trouble, especially when he starts having lovey-dovey thoughts about his friend Kat! Tao starts pulling bigger, sillier pranks, but will Kat notice him? Then in volume 3, Clowns and Dragons!, Tao is in school to be a fearless samurai. Join the fun as he tries to prank some bullies and teach kung fu moves to his cat!

Cover Illustrator