Dicks #3

Intended for mature audiences

Garth Ennis' favorite creations continue in full color! The scoundrels-turned-private eyes Dougie and Ivor, are totally screwed! Evil gangster Mr. Bell has our intrepid heroes by the short 'n' curlies, as they await a bloody execution at his hands. But the boys from Belfast have pissed off many more bastards in their twisted misadventures around town, and thuggish Big Billy, a bitter father-in-law, and the vengeful zombie Uncle Shuggie want to join the fray! What commences is a six-way free-for-all that has to be seen to be believed! Available with a regular cover, a very Offensive cover, and a special Classic B&W cover showing one of the lost Dicks covers of yesteryear - all by series artist John McCrea!

Cover Illustrator