New Mutants: Date with the Devil

In The Wake Of The Events Of X-Men: Schism, The New Mutants Find Themselves At A Crossroads, And A Decision Will Be Made That Changes Their Lives Forever. Then, As The Shaken Team Gets Back To Their Unfinished Business, They Discover The Fugitive Mutant Blink Constantly Appearing At Natural Disasters. Is Blink Responsible For This Destruction, Or Is Something More Sinister Afoot? The New Mutants Investigate, But Soon Find Themselves Facing Off Against The Diskhord, A Band Of Chaotic Death Metal Rockers. Yes, You Read Right: It's The New Mutants Vs. The Awesome Power Of Metal! Plus: Magma Made A Deal With Mephisto To Go On A Date With Him If He Helped Save The Team, And He's Come To Collect! Collecting New Mutants (2009) #33-37.

Cover Illustrator
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