Avengers Vol. 11 (Marvel Masterworks)

Avengers Assemble! Back in another beautifully restored MARVEL MASTERWORKS edition, Cap, Iron Man, Thor and the gang present another set of trendsetting adventures! Starting off with an intriguing Harlan Ellison adaptation, there's no time wasted upping the ante when the mutant-hunting Sentinels return from the heart of the sun. Then, the order changeth! After six years as writer of Earth's Mightiest Heroes, Roy Thomas passes the torch to the new scribe who would take the super-team to even loftier heights. Enter: Steve Englehart! Without skipping a beat, he descends into the time-lost Savage Land and brings back the Black Panther - all the while devising the machinations of the Grim Reaper and the Space Phantom that cruelly twist the Vision to their will. The tension peaks when Hawkeye quits, and the mutant menace Magneto takes out not just the Avengers, but the X-Men, too. Toss in Daredevil and the Black Widow, and what we've got here is an epic in the Marvel manner. So reserve that copy today, True Believer! Collecting THE AVENGERS #101-111 and DAREDEVIL #99.