Ghost Rider Vol. 2 (Softee)

Created by Dick Ayers and Ray Krank, Rex Fury was originally known as the Calico Kid, who together with his white horse Spectre became the Ghost Rider!

Wearing a white outfit covered with phosphorus and using a cape that had phosphorescent on one side and black on the other, he could cover parts of his body to give the illusion that he was merely a floating head or pair of hands. To further the illusion, he wielded a black lariat and black bullwhip - even Spectre glowed in the dark! The Ghost Rider battled many foes, who like him, were not truly supernatural at all, such as an imposter of Frankenstein's Monster and the Harpy, werewolves and vampires!

Collects Ghost Rider Volume 2 #6-10 (1951-December 1952).

Cover Illustrator
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