Ascencia Vol. 1

Ascencia is the first comic book written by artist and musician John Dolmayan.

150 years after the world is devastated by a cataclysmic event, the supercity of Asencia towers over the rest of humanity. Asecenia has become a symbol of the best and brightest and is synonymous with progression and technological advancement. Conversely, Ascencia's sister city Bethany is rotting away, falling into Ascencia's shadow both metaphorically and physically. The process of gaining entry into Ascencia and joining the world's elite is difficult. This is the status quo: the chosen live in Ascencia and the forgotten live in Bethany. Enter Arthur Thomas, an inspired Detective hailing from the poorest regions of Bethany. He is pulled from his station to help the baffled Ascencian police with a unique problem: a murder they cannot solve! Will Detective Thomas succeed where they have not? His journey will take him through a winding path of deception, betrayal and depravity.

Collects #1-6.

Cover Illustrator