Spectreman Heroes #1 (Matt Frank Cover)

Antarctic Press, in conjunction with P-Productions and Phase 6, is proud to announce Spectreman Heroes, a nostalgia-blast of retro Japanese live-action superbeings!

Each issue of Spectreman Heroes will showcase a different character in their own full-length story, with art by luminaries such as Matt Frank (Godzilla Legends), Hiroshi Kanatani (Coaraptor), and Ben Dunn (Ninja High School).

In this issue, police agent Yutaka Daimon commands the mighty Electroid Zaborger, riding its motorcycle mode into battle against the criminal Sigma Gang!

We've got a full-on P Productions Parade in this power-packed variant cover by Matt Frank!

Suit up and charge into your local comic store to reserve your copy today-for great justice!

(Hopefully, you won't have to fight costumed bad guys to get your copy, but it pays to be prepared.)

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