Tales of the Mysterious Traveler Vol. 3 (Slipcase Edition)

Hey Biffo, they don't come better than this one, encompassing issues 11 thru 13 (February 1959 to June 1959) plus as a bonus the original MYSTERIOUS TRAVELER issue 1 (from 1948) and HORROR FROM THE TOMB issue 1 (from 1954) this volume from Charlton-PS's third-is as good as it gets, with a roster of writers and artists that includes the truly remarkable and now late lamented Steve Ditko (the Traveler's creator) together with Carl Burgos, Rocco Mastroserio, Charles Nicholas, Bill Molno, Matt Baker, Bob Powell, Alan Mandel, George Woodbridge, John D'Agostino, Cal Massey and Mannie Banks. If your mom tells you that you're restricted to just one comicbook this week then this baby is for you,no question.