Red Panda & Moon Bear Vol. 1

Red Panda and Moon Bear are the defenders of their community! Together, these brave siblings rescue lost cats, scold bullies, and solve mysteries, all before Mama and Papa get home. But lately... the mysteries have been EXTRA mysterious. All of RP and MB's powers may not be enough to handle spooks, supervillains, alien invaders, and time warps! It'll take all their imagination-and some new friends-to uncover the secret cause behind all these events before the whole world goes crazy. In his first book for young readers, Cuban-American cartoonist Jarod Rosell presents a whimsical and tender-hearted adventure, packed with Saturday-morning adventure and glowing with Miami sunshine. Featuring a combination of cartoon action and magical realism, equally inspired by Spy Kids, Junot Diaz, Gravity Falls, and The Powerpuff Girls. Made up of 10 chapter-length adventures that stand alone but weave together into a stunning climax.

Cover Illustrator