Chloe Vol. 3: Frenemies

Chloe and Alexandre do the long distance thing. Can their love survive? Collecting another quirky cute installment of stories in this hit series from France, Chloe Blin continues her quest to figure out love, popularity, and herself. This time Chloe must work with her nemesis, Anissa, at a new job with a cantankerous old woman doing makeovers! She's not quite ready for all the trouble Anissa will cause and has to deal with conflict in more constructive ways. Then, Chloe must contend with her love, Alexandre, going abroad after being in boarding school all year. It's a disaster of epic proportions! Chloe must rally and manage her disappointment, jealousy, and loneliness. Available in softcover and hardcover editions.

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Chloe Vol. 3: Frenemies
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