Jungle Fantasy: Ivory #7 (Luscious Cover)

Intended for mature audiences

Ivory has faced monsters of all kinds. From the prehistoric beasts that hunger for her flesh to the violent men that yearn to use her. Through it all she has driven forward, discounting her own urges in a single minded quest to find her lost youngling. Across an alien jungle and into the very heart of hell she fights on to find her baby or die trying. But Ivory's odyssey isn't over yet. She must survive a terrible fate that no woman should have to face if she wants to find out what happened to her child. Now a true female warrior is unleashed as she fights to save the one soul that needs her most. Jungle Fantasy: Ivory delivers the steamiest uncensored mature readers action being published! Boundless offers a host of sexy stunning covers with this issue including a Regular Cover by Renato Camilo, Wraparound and Natural Beauty Covers by Raulo Caceres, Luscious Cover by Matt Martin, and a Sultry Cover by Christian Zanier. Plus an array of super limited covers for the collector including a Century Adult (limited to 100 copies) by Jonatas, a Nude & Naughty Set (of 3 books limited to 350) and a Costume Change Set (of 3 books limited to 250), by Christian Zanier.

Cover Illustrator