All-New Classic Captain Canuck #0 (Blank Sketch Cover)

Chapterhouse Comics is proud to present an all-new monthly series! All-New Classic Canuck began as 6-page back stories in the first arc of Chapterhouse's original Captain Canuck series. Written by Ed Brisson and illustrated by George Freeman, Marcus To and Scott Hepburn, the stories picked up where the original Captain Canuck left off in the 1980's and sees him time-hopping from adventure to adventure. Now, writer Ed Brisson teams up with Canuck Alumni- George Freeman, to bring you "All-New Classic Captain Canuck"! The 64-page All-New Classic Canuck #0 collects the 6 -page back stories from issues 0-6 of the original Canuck series, features the Variant cover gallery and sneak peeks of what's to come!

Cover Illustrator