The Dark Tower: The Drawing of the Three - The Prisoner

Intended for mature audiences

The Dark Tower saga begins again - on Earth! If you thought the badlands of Mid-World were dangerous, wait until you experience Brooklyn in the 1960s! Meet Eddie Dean, a troubled young man able to open doors to other worlds. Now, Eddie must survive family tragedy, haunting addiction and deadly forces that conspire to stop him from growing up to challenge the Man in Black! Without his mother, what will happen to Eddie and his brother, Henry? What horrors await within the Dutch Hill Mansion? And what offer does the criminal called Balazar make? With magic doors appearing, strange voices in his head and monstrous lobstrosities hungry for his flesh, can Eddie survive his desperate mission? Stephen King's dark fantasy epic spills onto the streets of New York City! Collecting DARK TOWER: THE DRAWING OF THE THREE - THE PRISONER #1-5.