2000 AD #1770

2000 AD, the UK's premier SF anthology comic, celebrates its 35th birthday this month, having been in continuous publication for three and a half decades. Its marks the milestone month in style with a stunning line-up of stories: Johnny Alpha seeks the truth behind the assassination attempts in 'Strontium Dog: The Project'; Russian rogue Nikolai Dante has a ceremony to crash in 'The Wedding of Jena Makarov'; an alien Noise Festival causes more than eardrums to bleed in 'Grey Area: Feel the Noise'; the surly Harry Absolom must stop the spirits of the past from taking over the present in 'Ghosts of London'; and the conspiracy continues in 'Judge Dredd: Day of Chaos.' Prog 1771 will be a 48-page birthday issue, with extra stories from Andy Diggle, Colin Wilson, Pat Mills, and Henry Flint.