2000 AD Pack Feb. 2011

Globally renowned as one of the most important and influential comics of the past thirty years, 2000 AD is the UK's cult SF anthology title featuring some of the best writers and artists in the business!

An escaped perp is out for revenge and the body count is rising in Judge Dredd: 'Served Cold'; Gene the Hackman and Clara Bow are at the mercy of a master in Kingdom: 'His Master's Voice'

Cinnibar Brenneka's plans for bringing the universe to heel are revealed in Shakara: 'Avenger'

Ampney Crucis discovers what lurks in the heart of the airship the Graf Orlok in Ampney Crucis Investigates: 'The List of Ten'

All-out civil war rages in Hell in Necrophim: 'Civil Warlord.'