Donald Duck #363

Classics are back at BOOM! as the toast to the 70th Anniversary of Walt Disney's Comics continues in the pages of Donald Duck!

For starters, presented for the first time in the U.S. is the much-requested 1997 Carl Barks story - recently redrawn by Daan Jippes in the Barks style - titled 'Somewhere Beyond Nowhere.' If that doesn't whet your appetite, feast on the Carl Barks classic 'Mystery of the Loch', reprinted in English for the first time in 16 years!

And if that's not enough, enjoy the Geoffrey Blum/Carlos Mota fan-favorite 'Saga of Captain Duckburg' - that may even feature Carl Barks himself! Featuring the never-before-seen cover for 'Mystery of the Loch' by the legendary Don Rosa and a special variant featuring an oil painting by the legendary Carl Barks entitled 'Slow Boat To Duckburg'!

Cover Illustrators