Life With Archie: The Married Life #8

NOW WITH 80 PAGES AND MORE NEW STORIES! In 'Archie Loves Betty: Freshman Year-The First Semester' Part 2, Archie and Betty prep for life as teachers, but Mr. Lodge has other plans. The consequences are costly when Veronica and Reggie get too close to his scheme.

Meanwhile, in 'Archie Loves Veronica: The Trial of Reggie Mantle' Part 2, framed by Mr. Lodge, Reggie Mantle awaits his trial. Fueled by their new romance, can Betty rescue him before he takes the fall?

PLUS: 'Jinx' continues as 'Li'l Jinx Grows Up!' Part 2! Charley is becoming a jerk jock and Gigi a diva, but ever-stubborn and truthful-to-a-fault Jinx is about to teach them a linebacker lesson in friendship!