Archie Archives Vol. 1

Dark Horse Comics and Archie Comics Publications are thrilled to present Archie Archives!

Seventy years ago, a small independent comics publisher in New York introduced a new kind of character to comics fans. He wasn't a superhero or a warrior, neither a spaceman, nor a villain--he was Archie Andrews, the red headed teenaged "everyman" we all grew up with! Volume 1 of the Archie Archives series shines the spotlight on young Mr. Andrews's earliest adventures on the streets of Riverdale, from the budding romances he shares with Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge, to his anxious antics at Riverdale High and all the trouble he's caused along the way!

* Collects all of the first appearances of Archie Andrews from Pep and Jackpot Comics, through Pep #31 and Jackpot #8.