Invincible Iron Man Vol. 17 (Marvel Masterworks)

Tony Stark has changed the world, but those successes convinced the creator of the Iron Man armor that he himself was invincible. But no one is - and Obadiah Stane is about to exploit Stark's every weakness, pulling apart his life piece by piece until one of Marvel's greatest heroes is at rock bottom! Meanwhile, James Rhodes must protect them both from Stane, protect Tony from himself and protect everyone from a cadre of Atlanteans with Iron Man armor! It's a crash course in super-heroing for Rhodey. He rises to the occasion, but battling Thunderball is one thing - facing the Mandarin is another thing altogether! The new Iron Man will be in for the fight of his life...that he may not win! Also featuring an Annual with a tragic turning point for the Eternals!

Collecting IRON MAN (1968) #171-182 and ANNUAL #6.

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