Battlecats #2 (Mad Cave Studios Legacy Lonergan Cover)

MCS LEGACY: Battlecats #2 continues the perilous journey of the Battlecats as they hunt down the dire beast. But what happens when the hunters become the hunted. Meanwhile, Valadar and the Darkats are preparing a brutal assault on the King.

MCS LEGACY: Battlecats goes back to the beginning and reimagines the ENTIRE first volume of Battlecats Vol. 1. With a reimagined story, all-new art, and five beautiful character covers by Jesse Lonergan (Hedra and High Republic Adventures) this is Battlecats the way it was intended to be. Great for existing fans who want to see their favorite characters refreshed or new fans looking to get into the series for the first time. Best of all every MCS LEGACY title will be available for only $2.99!

Cover Illustrator