Deconstructing the Jodoverse (Box Set)

Intended for mature audiences

Lift the veil on the incredible Sci-Fi universe, full of love, revenge, intrigue, betrayal, and redemption: THE JODOVERSE - created by visionary Alejandro Jodorowsky.

Dive into the Jodoverse's two cornerstone series-THE INCAL and THE METABARONS-with this Limited Deluxe Collector's Slipcased Box Set.

Book One contains DECONSTRUCTING THE INCAL alongside revealing text and rare and unseen preliminary illustrations, as well as the original 56 pages drawn by M bius of the unfinished first version of the sequel story (AFTER THE INCAL).

Book Two features the second reference guide to the Jodoverse, DECONSTRUCTING THE METABARONS, and WEAPONS OF THE METABARON, the seminal series' spin-off story recounting how the mightiest warrior in the universe built his arsenal of war and featuring A-list comics star Travis Charest's (Wildcats, WildC.A.T.s/X-Men: The Golden Age, and Star Wars comics covers) interpretation of The Metabarons' mythology.

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