Strange Mysteries Vol. 2: Fantastic Tales

Strange Mysteries Softee Volume 2 features the artwork from Fantastic Tales #1 by Carl Burgos as an alternative cover variant; this added bonus issue features glorious horror tales from the fantastic A.C. Hollingsworth, Norman Nodel and Harry Lazarus. It's all adds up to an eccentric mix of weird and strange tales from Ross Andru, Jon D'Agostino, Alvin C. Hollingeworth, Joe Orlando, Ed Goldfarb, Tont Tallaico and Joe Kubert. I.W.Publishing became notorious for publishing unauthorized reprints of other company's comics, with new covers and the numbering often misleading, not starting at issue #1 and skipping issue numbers.

Collects Strange Mysteries #15-18 (1964) and Fantastic Tales #1 (1958).