Cavewoman: Terror in the Skies (Deacon Black Cover)

Intended for mature audiences

Professor Cook has given Meriem an important mission. She must locate and return a Pterodactyl egg for his research. This will not be an easy task as the eggs are almost always high up on a cliff faces throughout the jungle. While it sure seems like an easy task when she gets the egg, Momma rounds the corner and begs to differ and a sky-high adventure ensues. Meriem must protect the egg from winged creatures and also from the ground as others want an exotic meal. Listing Description: We welcome Mr. Deacon Black doing his first Cavewoman for us! Deacon is known for his grayscale artwork and does not disappoint with this cover! Limited to just 350 copies, each book is bagged & boarded and comes with a certificate of authenticity!

Cover Illustrator