The Wrath of Fantômas

Intended for mature audiences

The place? Paris. The year? 1911. The scene? An execution.

For Fantômas, the most popular villain of French literature, the ruthless master of crime and terror in countless books, films, and serials, finally faces public execution! Alas, the man of a hundred faces is determined not go to the grave alone, and his epitaph will be written in nightmares...

"[Julie Rocheleau] dives ahead into turn of the century Paris, obviously taking immense

delight in putting the era to paper. Her approach to comics feels very animated...creating an

open anything-can-happen atmosphere...a unique look for a turn-of-the-century detective/horror story."

-Broken Frontier

Static Press presents this gorgeously atmospheric chiller, winner of the Joe Schuster Award and the GN prize at the Festival Interpol' Art.

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