Die Kitty, Die! Cathouse of Horror Special #1 (Ruiz Cover)

Welcome to Kitty Ravencraft's Cathouse of Horror! In the chilling tradition of the great horror comics of the past, unsuspecting trick or treaters visiting Kitty's Cathouse of Horror are welcomed by that death-defying wonderful witch, the lovely Kitty Ravencraft who serves as their horror hostess throughout a terrifying tour of her mansion of macabre! During their visit, Kitty entertains and electrifies her guests with freaky...Yet funny... Tales from her lethal library. Many of her friends are on hand to tell these scary sagas. Along the way we'll see Dippy the Dead Kid, Lil Satan, and the gang from Comix Corner! Join everyone's favorite ghoul-friendly Kitty, as she serves up the tricks along with the treats to make this the very best Halloween ever!

Cover Illustrator