Power Rangers: Blind Box (Local Comic Shop Day 2017)

Exclusive for Local Comic Shop Day, this Saban's Power Rangers Blind Box is limited to 250 copies and contains:

* A copy of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Year One: Deluxe hardcover. Of the 250 Blind Boxes, 25 will randomly contain copies of the hardcover that will feature tip-in sheets signed by Saban Brands-Haim Saban (Creator of the Power Rangers franchise), Brian Casentini (Executive Producer, Power Rangers content), Melissa Flores (Director, Power Rangers Content) and Judd "Chip" Lynn (Executive Producer, Power Rangers television series)-the company behind Power Rangers.

* A limited-edition Mighty Morphin Power Rangers lithograph by Acme Archives featuring one of the Rangers, including rare Green and White Rangers.

* Two random limited-edition variant covers from previous Mighty Morphin Power Rangers issues.

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