War of Kings Aftermath: The Road To The War of Kings (Omnibus)

The War of Kings is over - now the universe must pay the price! A Fault has ripped open in space-time, and the terrifying Cancerverse lies on the other side! To seal the Fault, the greatest heroes of the cosmos band together: the Imperial Guard, Inhumans, Nova Corps and Guardians of the Galaxy! New players join the celestial game, like the son of Hulk and the awesome Annihilators. But the fate of the Marvel Universe may lie in the hands of one of its greatest villains: Thanos is back in a big way! Collecting REALM OF KINGS #1; REALM OF KINGS: INHUMANS #1-5; REALM OF KINGS: IMPERIAL GUARD #1-5; REALM OF KINGS: SON OF HULK #1-4; NOVA (2007) #29-36; GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY (2008) #20-25; THANOS IMPERATIVE #1-6, IGNITION and DEVASTATION; ANNIHILATORS #1-4; ANNIHILATORS: EARTHFALL #1-4; THANOS SOURCEBOOK; and material from I AM AN AVENGER #3.

Cover Illustrator