Night of the Living Dead #1 (Grave Collector Box Set)

Intended for mature audiences

Includes signatures from George Romero and John Russo and the never-before-offered Royal Blue foil!

This very first issue of Night of the Living Dead featured some very limited editions, all of which are included in this special set.

The Regular, Rotting, Terror, Gore, Splatter Stock, Haunting, Painted, Head Shot, Good Eats, Rubira Painted covers are here as well as the Black, Green, Gold, and Platinum Foils.

That's not all, the Royal Blue foil, which only had 100 copies printed, is offered here for the first time!

We also include a copy of the Night of the Living Dead Filmbook signed by co-writer John Russo.

The final piece - the Red Foil edition packaged with a poster signed by George Romero! Limited to just 75 sets!