Jungle Comics Vol. 1 (Slipcase Edition)

Synopsis: FICTION HOUSE - JUNGLE COMICS VOL 1 January - March 1940 Issues #1 - #3

Jungle Comics ran for almost 15 years and there's no wonder with a roster of creative talent like Lou Fine, Alex Blum, Taylor Martin, Fletcher Hanks, Chuck Winter, Art Peddy, Henry Kiefer, George Wilson, Bill Allison, Dick Briefer, Will Eisner, Ken Jackson, R. Louis Golden, Rafael Astarita, Charles Sultan, Robert Lewis and Bob Powell all serving us such jungle treats as these... Alex Blum created Kaanga, Lord of the Jungle, who after losing his family in the Congo, was adopted by a local tribe of "ape-men" where he tackled everything from bad animals to dinosaurs to witch doctors to Germans, appearing in all 163 issues!

While wandering the jungle, Tabu saved the life of a powerful shaman. In thanks the shaman gave him the "extra sense" - heightened strength, speed, agility, as well as enhanced senses and in a true Fletcher Hanks fashion, unlimited magical powers. The "Mystery Woman of the Jungle" Fantomah, is a mysterious goddess-like being. With vast omnipotent magical power can transform into a frightening phantom/skeleton creature with floating skull and blonde hair. She wreaked her brutal vengeance on such bizarre foes as Org, who controlled giant spiders with a hypnotic drum, and Professor Zomax. And so much more - all reproduced - cover to cover - just like the original comics! So swing by and grab your copy today!