Planet Comics #9 (Wight Cover)


"Lords of the Cosmos: A Name Matters" (Dennis Fallon, Jason Palmatier, Dave Newbold): Mistress Zemba leads the combat initiation rituals for prospective new members of the Disciples of Umex.

As a deadly ceremony unfolds, an unknown new villain takes center stage.

"Lords of the Cosmos: The Scream" (Dennis Fallon, Joe Freistuhler): A soldier in the army of Gemspire meets his end at the hands of Disciple of Umex member Decaptor.

His journey through the afterlife becomes a fate worse than death.

"Crop Circles" (Marcello Bondi, Stefano Artibani): Two friends discover a dark secret of some so-called "crop circles".

"The Space Castaway" (Marcello Bondi, Gabriele Crepaidi): An astronaut is lost in deep space, all alone...or is he?

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