Beyond the Farthest Star Chronicles: 50th Anniversary #2 (Kren Cover)

Fifty years ago, Edgar Rice Burroughs' incredible sci-fi tale Beyond the Farthest Star was a backup feature in DC's Tarzan series. The story featured an incredible list of legendary creators including Marv Wolfman, Denny O'Neil, Robert Kanigher, Dan Green, Howard Chaykin, Murphy Anderson, and Rudy Florses!

This issue has the final three chapters of that amazing run AND A BRAND-NEW CHAPTER CONTINUING THE CLASSIC STORY!!

We are thrilled to have the blessing of Edgar Rice Burroughs Inc. to continue this imaginative story line with a new chapter adding to the classic tale!

Come with us - Beyond The Farthest Star - with this special edition showcasing the brilliant imagination of Edgar Rice Burroughs!

This issue has two cover editions - Main and a B&W Raw Art Limited Edition of only 350 copies by the legendary artist Roy G. Krenkel!

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