Swords of Cerebus in Hell? Vol. 3

Collecting: - CEREBUS THE VARK KNIGHT RETURNS #1 December 2017 - WATCHVARK #1 January 2018 - THE AMAZING CEREBUS #1 February 2018 - WORLD'S FINITE CEREBUS #1 March 2018 Further collecting CEREBUS' adventures in Hell? (with a question mark)! Batvark's Wedding Vows! Batvark tweets Johnny Depp! Cerebus goes to see Suicide Squad! Siamese Twin Girl-Boy and The Aardvarkian League of Justice! Aardvark-Vanaheim Civil War: Cerebus vs. The Renegade Super-Poets! Todd McFarlane's Grey Hulk! Super-Cerebus and Batvark Team-Up! Photoshop Village People tribute bands (C! M! Y! K!)! True History of The Graphic Novel session 16! "Cerebus' Guide to Chicks"! Getting High in Hell! Jack Kirby's Demon vs Matt Wagner's Demon! Cerebus vs. The Amazing Hulk and Superman and Pigeon-Man! Cerebus: Hard-Boiled Detective In Hell! Groot or Suicide?! Super-Cerebus, Batvark and...Vark-Mite? Cerebus' Self-Help Book! Maxwell and Mortimer's Covers Band! "The Cerebus Foundation" and lots more! Note: There will be a new SWORDS OF CEREBUS IN HELL? volume every month (God willing) which will not be reprinted until the following year, so make sure to order accordingly and enough to last you the year!!