Uncanny Mysteries: Weird and Strange Vol. 1 (Slipcase Edition)

This one's a wacky entry and no denying, with Canadian publisher Superior Comics coming into the four-color horror ring all gloved up and swinging fit to punch the lights out of anybody who stands in their way. They kicked off with Journey Into Fear, Strange Mysteries (as opposed to pretty straightforward and perhaps even slightly boring mysteries), and the one-word extravaganza that was Mysteries, the latter calling itself variously Mysteries (its legal title) and, on the cover, Mysteries Weird and Strange. The earlier tales were bizarre and quirky and it's pretty clear that inspiration was in short supply that day. Good stuff though, Clancy, with pens, pencils and plots coming from, among others, Jay Disbrow and the Igor Shop: clear a space on the shelf pronto. Collects Mysteries Weird and Strange #1-5 (May 1953 to January 1954).