Next Testament (Omnibus)

Intended for mature audiences

Finally collected in one complete volume, experience the terrifying madness of Master of Horror fs first original comic book series, Clive Barker fs Next Testament . Julian Demond is a captain of industry who left behind everything and began a walkabout, believing himself to be on a mission from above. He soon discovers a figure unlike any other, one who calls himself Wick cand claims to be God. Bestselling author Clive Barker, co-writer Mark Alan Miller (Clive Barker fs Hellraiser), and internationally acclaimed artist Haemi Jang ( Clive Barker fs Hellraiser: The Road Below ) come together for a thrilling story not of this world. Clive Barker fs Next Testament Omnibus collects all twelve issues of the Harvey Award-nominated horror epic.

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Next Testament (Omnibus)
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