Valerian and Laureline Vol. 1: Shingouzlooz Inc.

Beginning a new series of Valerian and Laureline stories, with each volume a fresh take on the characters and the universe by a different creative team! Valerian and Laureline are forced to fix a blunder by the Shingouzm one that could cost Humanity Earth itself! An apparently simple mission - apprehending a speculator-droid - turns into a race against time when the Shingouz drop in uninvited mid-arrest, begging Valerian and Laureline for protection against someone who means to kill them. To the agents' surprise, it's an old friend who soon pops up in hot pursuit, guns blazing. The ensuing shoot-out does little to simplify an already complicated situation: our heroes' favorite information brokers have managed to lose Earth in a card game!

Cover Illustrator