X-O Manowar #25 (2nd Printing)

Valiant First delivers another must-read milestone with a blockbuster, 48-page celebration of X-O Manowar's twenty-fifth issue ... and an essential introduction to the comic book event of 2014 -- Armor Hunters! Find out why the galaxy's most feared team of hunterkillers have journeyed across the stars to destroy the X-O Manowar armor and the Earth along with it in Armor Hunters: Part Zero by Robert Venditti and Diego Bernard. Then, revisit the roots of Aric of Dacia's transformation from Visigoth conqueror into the 21st century's alien-armored guardian, as told by Robert Venditti and J.G. Jones! Plus, all-new tales of the X-O Manowar from Bryan Hitch, Justin Jordan & Rafer Roberts, and much, much more!!

Cover Illustrator