Fathom Vol. 2: Into the Deep

The sold out Fathom volume 2 TPB returns to print! Worlds collide when the might of the bloodthirsty Admiral Maylander and the United States military declare war on the Blue civilizations nestled deep under the ocean's surface. Following the classic events of the original FATHOM series, the second thrilling volume finds underwater biologist Aspen Matthews struggling to accept the startling reality of her true identity. All in the midst of an all out war between the humans and the Blue! Collecting together the sold out Fathom: Beginnings and Zero issue, as well as issues #1 though #11, this is 320 pages of everything Fathom volume 2! And if that's not enough, we included a complete covers gallery featuring artwork by none other than Fathom creator Michael Turner!! This complete FATHOM VOLUME 2 TPB 2nd Printing Edition is a must for any Aspen, Fathom, Michael Turner, or comic book fan!

Cover Illustrator
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