Birdseye Bristoe

Intended for mature audiences

It's a storyline we know all too well: 'A mysterious stranger comes to town.' Only the town is not really a town and the stranger is a gigantic cell-phone tower. The town is Birdseye Bristoe - a portmanteau name created from an interstate sign that points to two real towns - and it has only one real permanent resident, an old-timer known as Uncle. His teenaged great-niece and -nephew visit occasionally, though the town doesn't have much to offer apart from an adult superstore, a gas station, and a tackle shop. Birdseye Bristoe brims with larger-than-life personalities, hilarious anecdotes, references to midwestern/mid-southern pop culture, and diagrams of the cell-tower/cross-construction process.

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Birdseye Bristoe
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