Gold Digger Platinum Vol. 2

The Gold Bricks are gone for good, but you can still go Platinum! Gina Diggers' studies of the Age of Wonders continue to unearth discoveries and danger! Her 'grass wizard' student Alena wants to join exploring a site of Myconids-ancient, living fungi-but finds being among the fungus is no walk in the park! Back at Gina's home, two luckless young were-rat thieves plunder a portal device to a treasure trove, but fail to consider what draconic devil owns that hoard. On a school field trip to Civ-Alpha, Gina's niece Tifanny and her best friend Charlie find a giant egg that hatches into an adorable baby Saurian-who might just destroy them all! On her home world of Jade, Gina's mom, Julia, must fight her best friend, who's determined to save Julia from the dangers of her greatest technique. And on a field assignment, Gina's students visit an ancient citadel that was nearly destroyed 7000 years ago by two vengeful attackers-one of whom is still around as a lich, still seeking vengeance! Collects Gold Digger Vol. 3 #106-110.