Deadpool Vol. 7: Space Oddity

Deadpool, everyone's favorite fun-loving killer-for-hire, is back in business, taking on a new gig - in space! Will this job cement his rep as the best merc in the solar system, or will things like lack of oxygen and zero-gravity throw him off his game? One word: Maybe! Plus: The Wrecker, an immensely powerful psychopath, is on the loose and wreaking havoc. There's only one person to call: Deadpool! And did you hear? There's a new player in town, and this cat is baaaaad. He's got crazy space-guns, an intergalactic hooptie, a rep that's getting bigger by the day and just about the coolest name ever. And he's here on Earth to let everybody know, starting with Deadpool! Collecting DEADPOOL #32-35 and #33.1.

Cover Illustrator
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