Intended for mature audiences

"It's introspective, topical, it looks gorgeous from a design and art standpoint." - AIN'T IT COOL NEWS

"A tight plot, believable characterization and well-executed art means that Matt Kindt's won again." - COMICS ALLIANCE

REVOLVER is a tale of two worlds and how both test a man to his limits.

"I lie down here; I wake up there."

"I lie down there, I wake up here."

The acclaimed original graphic novel is now available in trade paperback!

Stuck in a dead-end job with a boss he can't stand and a materialistic girlfriend, Sam rises from a late night of bar-hopping to discover his whole world has changed. Literally. An avian flu outbreak has killed millions, the nation's infrastructure has crashed, and a dirty bomb has destroyed Seattle. Forced to go on the run, Sam awakes to a normal world the next day - and to chaos again the day after that. A single constant between the two worlds will undo all the damage if he can find it - but that seems near impossible. In one world, anything goes. In the other, he's out of danger and sleepwalking through life. So Sam's got an even bigger problem: Which one to choose?

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