Empowered Special #2: 10 Questions for the Maidman

Intended for mature audiences

The badass, broom-swinging vigilante Maidman, the 'cross-dressing crusader,' is interviewed by the super-phony 'celebricape' TV host of an ill-fated talk show. The confab soon degenerates from happy chatter to cape-on-cape violence! Meanwhile, costumed crimefighter Empowered exploits Maidman's fearsome reputation not only to victimize hapless supervillains, but also to get the upper hand on her recalcitrant boyfriend!

In a new one-shot spinning off from the sexy superhero comedy graphic-novel series Empowered, creator Adam Warren draws fourteen black-and-white pages that frame and cruelly interrupt a fifteen-page story painted in glorious full color by special guest artist Emily 'No Relation' Warren!

Cover Illustrator